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Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You - Sylvia Day Mildly interested in where this goes in Volume II, but finding it very repetitive and not all that interesting, plot-wise. Started out with better writing, but then deteriorated rapidly. A lot of sex, but even that is repetitive. "Mind-blowing" can only be used so often....

Also, I feel a lot of sorrow at how psychologically damaged this author and/or her circle must be to create so many horribly traumatized characters.

Furthermore, inciting me to anger, is Day's depiction of the therapist. This therapist is unethical, unprofessional and ill-conceived: no well-trained, conscious therapist would treat two clients as individuals AND as a couple nor would s/he take either of them on at all when s/he is already treating one of their mothers! I'm horrified that people reading this might believe this is the way therapy is done.

WORSE, when this therapist is asked by the main character: Can two sexual abuse survivors can have a successful romantic relationship?" Without missing a beat or asking a question, this therapist just answers, "Yes." Abominable writing, untrue representation, terribly misleading to readers who themselves are likely right in this category themselves.

I realize this is supposed to be a book about sex, sex and more sex (which it is), but if the author is putting other topics into the so-called plot and characters' lives, isn't it irresponsible to do it so poorly?

I think authors must realize how many of their readers BELIEVE what they write to be "true" even if the characters and situations are fictional. Day should take better care of her readers and pay attention to the expectations they develop based on her work.

Rant over.